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Hosted PBX Solutions

Similar to the Virtual Office solution, Hosted PBX empowers the customer to manage and operate their own feature rich PBX without dedicated IT staff.

Advanced VOIP Features

Hosted PBX solutions allow customers access to feature rich, full service VoIP PBX solutions without the costly investment of a traditional on-site PBX. With the wide spread availability of high speed internet access, customers can easily access advanced telephony systems that were previously only available to large enterprises.

Cost-effective Service

Hosted PBX phone systems are easy to operate as well as being affordable for businesses of all sizes. From the home business that wants to create a larger presence to the corporation that seeks to make the most of company resources, hosted PBX phone systems are a great option.

  • $6995 + taxes/mo (*does not include usage)
  • Includes 1 DID
  • Low Rates
  • Keep Existing Number1
  • Ease of Management
  • Dedicated Colocation Facility

What technology is needed to set up a virtual office?

All the user needs is high speed internet access and a supported SIP device.

Unlike regular phone service, VoIP conversations are converted into IP data packets and sent over the Internet, bypassing the traditional telephony carrier altogether, dramatically impacting a company’s bottom line.

1: Not available in all areas Associated fee for Port process.